International Intercourses – Paris

cover for International Paris Intercourses by Nicole Phoenix

International Intercourses – Paris

Volume 1 – Chloe


Confident, successful writer, Chloe Maclane, enjoys a globe-trotting profession where she’s paid to explore lavish hotels and five-star restaurants. Her private blog, International Intercourses, brings in the real coin with her unfettered travel sexploits. Why would she want to settle down and limit her orgaz-moments?

Andrew Borgatti is a player…on the rugby field at least. A pro-athlete and successful businessman, he’s too busy to find Ms. Right and not interested in hooking up with Ms.Right-Now. He never saw Chloe coming.

Their paths collide, literally, and sparks fly hot enough to burn down Paris. But when a new player enters the game, will they blaze on together or get scorched?

Part one of a two book story. Follow Chloe and Andrew to Sydney, Australia, in book two. Coming soon!